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Fireweed Paper Ink

~ Sticky Note Sale ~ S’more Sticky Notes

~ Sticky Note Sale ~ S’more Sticky Notes

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Add some class to your office supplies with our sticky notes! Whether you're writing a simple note or a fun message, our sticky notes are perfect for this. All of our sticky notes are partially made from recycled paper and contain 50 sheets each. Additionally, each of our sticky notes have a self adhesive backing, meaning you can stick them in and on multiple surfaces. So, what are you waiting for, try our sticky notes today!

Please Read Before Purchasing:

All sticky notes included in this sale are discounted due to the following issues: slight adhesive marks on the sides, the edges of them looking dirty, and a slight curling of the sticky notes. NONE OF THE STICKY NOTES: have the images misprinted or are discolored, they are still fully functional except the issues already listed above. Before purchasing, you will not be able to return this item, due to it is Grade B item. 


Size and Details:

Each pad of sticky notes is:

3 x 3 inches



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